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Sherlyn Popelka: A Little About Sherlyn PopelkaA Zurich, Switzer...

Sherlyn Popelka: A Little About Sherlyn Popelka

A Zurich, Switzer...
: A Little About Sherlyn Popelka A Zurich, Switzerland native, Sherlyn was born in the country that’s globally recognized for its high-pr...
A Little About Sherlyn Popelka

A Zurich, Switzerland native, Sherlyn was born in the country that’s globally recognized for its high-precision watches. Its no small wonder that SherlynPopelka has embraced the concepts of accuracy and precision in the game of golf quite early. Realizing in Sherlyn’s high school years at Lake Mary Prep High School that his daughter was destined to conquer the golf course in the future, Frank Popelka decisively enrolled his daughter into the Annika Golf Academy, nestled at Ginn Reunion Resort in Osceola County, Florida

Getting a first hand feel of the game of golf, Sherlyn Popelka was also treated to expert instruction from Annika Sorenstram’s longtime coach, who serves as head instructor. In addition, Sherlyn also received instruction at the Annika Academy from Ms. Sorenstram’s sister Harlotta, who is also the golf academy’s club fitter; Sherlyn was given overall fitness training by Kai Fusser, Ms. Sorenstram’s personal trainer during her entire career. Each day at the academy not only equipped SherlynPopelka with enviable expert training, but has also helped her learn about various life skills such as decision-making, helping others,self-management, interpersonal skills, and planning her game strategy. 


From 20092011 was a member of the University of Arizona’s Golf Team. During this time won the individual title at the Las Vegas Collegiate Showdown with scores of 69-69-71. Was also a member of the victorious 2010 USA PAC-10 Championship Team as well as nominated for the University of Arizona Freshman Athlete of the Year award in 2010.


Sherlyn was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland and considers Switzerland her home even though she spent the majority of her teen years in the US. Starting at age 5 she trained in Switzerland at one of the numerous golf clubs in the Zurich area and played on the local Swiss circuit until her move to the US. Even though, lived in the US she still was a part of the Swiss National Team and continued to play competitions for her home country. Those events including the European Girls and Women’s Championships and the representation of Europe on Junior Solheim Cup remain some of her favorite memories today. Especially the Solheim Cup was a huge honor to play and represent her country as the only Swiss woman in the history of Swiss golf till date.